We’re back, we’re in town again.
After the shows supporting Neurosis (great great guys, btw, we totally enjoyed the time spent with them!), we’re in our studio again.
And we’re already on some works we need to finish asap.
Today we’ve worked on a new design for some Ufomammut tees, we’re gonna print some of them for the upcoming shows next week (check on Ufomammut’ site!).
And before I forget: thanks to all of You coming to the gigs and screaming loud Your approvation:-)
If You think everything has been like a bed of roses… nope, we had a bad surprise today and we had to change all the 4 tires of our van… they were  warped and deformed… don’t ask me how. I just suggest You not to put Good Year tires on your vehicles…

Ok, I think I’ve wandered too much, as You can read from the title, I was going to speak You about the new MoRkObOt record that is gonna come out on the 24th of October 2011.
It’s a rad album and it’s called “Morbo”.
It’s a 7 tracks album and here below we’re gonna unveil a part of the cover.

Please, be patient and You’ll see the complete artwork very soon!
And reserve Your tickets cause Morkobot will be on tour with Ufomammut in September/October playing and presenting Morbo!!!

Listening to Black Merda right now

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    touring where ? tierra del fuego ?

  2. Immense pic!

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