A few days and we’ll be on the road.
It’s been a few months since the last time we played, feeling excited and looking forward to meet You guys on the road.
Ok, with the word “guy” i mean all of You, female and male people, and we just discovered that the greek Pattonage, leaving a comment a few days ago, is a girl.
My mistake, sorry. Damn, I was hoping in Ulisse to come and say Hi! :-)

Anyway, I must say I’m pretty happy about all the comments You’re sending us, it’s nice and we feel way better!
We were so lonely, now we know there’s someone reading our bullshit and looking at our crap! That’s good.

By the way, the Mastodon prints are on sale on our webstore.
And while I’m writing this there’s a mosquito devouring my ankles… it should live in my socks, probably… it’s all the day I feel its presence.

We’re working on several things in these days.
First of all the brand new Morkobot album (it’ll be out in October), a poster for Omega Massif (for their new album too), then a poster for the 14th years of Orange Factory (Belgium, You should know them), another print for the dutch venue Patronaat and many more.
And of course Ufomammut stuff.
You’ll see.
No pics today.

Listening to Hank III right now.
And watched Stake Land. Not bad

2 Responses to “Magick”

  1. weseven Says:

    any chance for more italian dates in the future?
    there are some ears I converted to the Ufomammut that would really like to experience the beast sound ;)

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

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