I couldn’t believe looking at the comments.
It’s been cool to see You fighting You shyness and feel our souls with Your voices.
I know, I should answer You all, but I’ll do all here, thanking You.
Then I must say that our friend Coralie has not been  paying attention lately:-)
We did Miodi poster with a blonde haired woman, for example.
Well, it’s true, we don’t draw too many blonde girls, tough.
Don’t know why, it’s a chromatic thing, sometimes we need more red or black to make things popping out.
Then we hope to meet the guy travelling from Greece to Turin to see us Ufomammut playing with Neurosis next week.
Come to say hi!
And all of You there outside, please check the gigs and places we’ll be next week: HERE

Last thing, the MASTODON poster will be on sale from tomorrow on our webstore.
We don’t do preorders, but there’ll be enough for all of You, don’t worry:-)

And we’ll have this Art print on sale too.
Limited to about 20/25 pieces only (need to number and sign them), it’s called STELLE (stars in italian)

Different colors and details

It looks nice.

So, tomorrow remember to take a look at our webstore!
And comment, comment, comment!


Hey! Before I leave I’d like to ask You a favour.
A fire has destroyed one of our favourite venues in Italy, it’s the UNITED CLUB in torino.
There’s a website where You can help them to rebuilt it, making a donation via paypal: HERE.
Be nice!

Listening to King Crimson right now

8 Responses to “STELLE”

  1. Oh, shame on me, you’re totally right…
    Well… Mmmh… Even if she’s blond only because the paper is yellow!
    It’s gorgeous, by the way!

  2. pattonage Says:

    I will try to find you and say hi, but I’m a girl so don’t expect a big hairy dude or you will be pretty disappointed.

  3. Looking good folks !!! Forza Malleus !!!!

  4. Thank you for the answer.If everything goes as planned ,we`ll see in september 24th in helsinki.(bought my ticket several months ago btw :)).I will check your web store later again. Stellar greetings.

  5. Your work is always cool and in constent evolution !
    It’s my daily ritual to see what’s going on in your studio !
    (sorry for my awful english^^)
    I hope to see you in eindhoven !!!

  6. Waouhhh, King Crimson on french TV Oo
    It is not something that will happen nowadays

  7. Hi! Can you post something about Ufomammut live videos/projections? How you guys collect the footage, editing and what software you use editing and in live situations. Thanks and see you in Helsinki!

  8. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

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