I don’t know if You’re shy or what, but there’s only a few of You following this blog that usually write comments.
Please, feel free to keep us informed about You.
Suggest things, stay in touch.
Damn, don’t be shy!

We’ve the pics of Mastodon and tomorrow we should finish the few Art prints we’re realizing.

A glass of stars.

And this is how it looks like

There are 146 copies (if I’m not wrong…) and 50 will be on sale tomorrow during the show in Berlin.
Then we’ll have about 20 print based on this drawing, so stay tuned.

You know what?
I’m way tired tonight, so I think I’ll wait for Your comments and then I’ll close my eyes.
Good night

Listening to Human Bell right now.
Watched this movie yesterday.
Nice one

9 Responses to “MASTODON”

  1. Oh man, that looks amazing.

  2. Ahh. That’s the picture I was hoping for.
    Nicely done everyone!

  3. I will buy this!

  4. Ok, I will release you from this not sleeping challenge! You can go to bed now.
    Very nice work again, guys.
    But I just noticed, once more, you really don’t like blond girls, aren’t you?
    I don’t think you ever drew one, am I wrong?

    Bisous from France!

  5. pattonage Says:

    In other news. I’m traveling from Greece to Turin for the Spaziale fest and the fact that you’re gonna be there too played a major part in my decision to actually go. If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad has to get his ass over there.

    I’m just counting the days, I’m way too excited for my own good.

  6. FaceToTheDirt Says:


  7. Looks good, pretty interested in getting one.

  8. Another stunning poster !! Nice work !!!

  9. Hello good people! Do you put this poster on sale to : Where can i find one? Im a big fan of both of your art camps,This would make my first Malleus print.If its not too pricey , and there is an option to get one of these to myself…nothing would make me more happy.Im aching for one.Do you take preorders ;)? Be the best.Hecking love this .Sincerely yours. Kaisa aka shadowbeam the ex shy one

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