Saturday is for Sabato

I repeat: the most difficult part about starting a new post is the title.
Everytime I look at the monitor, trying to fill the line asking for the title of the post and I spend about 10 minutes with my mouth open (no drool for now…), my eyes trembling and perspiration a go-go…
Then I always decide to write something that will surely have nothing to do with what I’m gonna write… and then I write:

Isn’t that true?
Have You notice this too?

Oh god! again!
I need to change the way I write the posts, it’s getting like a standard, rules and regulations in my way of writing…damn


C’mon I can make it… relax… count till 10…


Pics… let’s play the final trump!

We’re printing a poster for Mastodon for their gig in Berlin next week.
We’ve finished it yesterday but we’ll show You the final design little by little, cause we’re sadist.

Red ink, the 4th color.

I did it! Don’t I look like a deep fish? One of those monsters swimming somewhere in the abyss?

Then we add the 5th color, a silver light blue, a transparent one.


It’s all for today.
Tomorrow we’ll show You the final version.
Well, tomorrow or the day after.
Be patient, please.
And by the way, there’ll be a VERY VERY limited version with no inscriptions.
About 20 pieces.
Have a good weekend.


Watched this yesterday. Nice one.

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