PPP is for…

We received some suggestions for the 3 Ps, but we thought no one was good enough.
Sorry, next time we’ll put some prints as reward, so You’ll put more effort in finding out the words.
I must admit that 3 Ps is a little like the 3 Ks… we couldn’t work on Poo Plus Plan, it sounded horrible

Very soon we’ll have all the damned tour of september/october confirmed, so You’ll know exactly where to find us with our band and posters.
In the meantime we’ve quite finished the MIODI poster.

Check it out

This yellow paper is gorgeous.
We totally dig it!

It should be quite clear there’s a snake.
Or not?

We’re working on other stuff right now, so we’ll bring this blog quite alive in the next weeks.
I know You’re disappointed cause lately we had a lower presence here.
To be honest I was enjoying my bike first and we’ve been totally busy with the new Ufomammut music.
But I promise we won’t leave You alone, c’mon, what’s this tear?
We’ve Mastodon, OmegaMassif and some other posters, then we’re working on the Pentagram record covers, Morkobot and today we’ve been called to realize the cover for the italian version of the new book of Jeffrey Eugenides.
Totally cool!

Listening to “Those poor bastards” right now

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