PP is for Power Printing

First of all I’m pretty sure it’ll be difficult to find out a meaning for PPP on the next post… any suggestion is welcome.
Then, we’re working and drawing and printing and melting.
Oh yes, it’s REALLY warm here.
Our studio is a nice oasis of freshness, we’ll squander  our huge and incredible (well, I’d rather say mastodontic) financial holding for an uncontrolled use of air-conditioners… but at least we can breathe.
The problem is the  world outside is a little warm.

Here are some pics of the MIodi poster, a new color is up on paper and it looks good.
Don’t remember if I already told You I like this yellow paper.

This is a perlescent silver ink, transparent too.

And here below it’s how it looks into the sun (not direct sun, otherwise it could burn…)

And don’t worry… the hand is not a part of the print.

We’re working on Omega Massif, Mastodon and more right now.
Stay tuned!

Cool new Mastodon video:-)

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