It’s time to go to sleep here.
You’ll think I’m quite stupid writing this while preparing to put down an exhaustive but annoying at the same time list of things we’re doing…
Well, it could be, I was just searching a way to start a post.
So, I’m gonna tell You some things we’re doing in these days.
First of all we’re very happy to announce there’ll be a new Gallery in London.
You know London? It’s a huge city in UK.
You know UK?
It’s a part of Europe.
Technically it’s a huge island.
I like it a lot, by the way.
You know Europe?
It’s one of the 5 Continents.
And of course, if You don’t know what a continent is, I can tell You it’s a part of the surface of Planet Earth.
And don’t tell me You don’t know this, or we could go on for hours…
Anyway… our posters will be in London for the opening of the Flood gallery.
I’ll tell You more soon.

And we’re in Holland too, right now.
Not WE, personally.
Our art (can we call it like this?… don’t like this word that much…), our crap.
We’re on the walls of Harleem, in a big size.

This is the wall version (A0 size) of our “Heavy in Harleem print.
Thanks Daniel of Patronaat for sending these pics!

Of course, we are always close to Metal. We just can’t help it…

And we’re in Poland too, thanks to our friend Gosia, we’re on T3 Magazine.

It looks very nice, a little difficult to read and understand, but we said nice things about You.
Yes, about You.

While working with Poia on a number plate for my motorbike, we printed a lot of Ufomammut tees in the last days.
Live gigs are approaching and we’re preparing merch.
A lot of records are coming soon too! And have You taken a look at the new supernatural cat store?
There are some Malleus tees too.
Please, take a look, don’t be lazy.

Then we’re drawing, covers, labels, posters, paintings a lot of different things.

A lot of stuff…
And we’re starting the printing process of MIODI festival poster  (with bands such as Boris, Eyehategod, Church of Misery and so on).
I said it was time to go to sleep hours ago…

Listening to Led Zeppelin right now

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