I tried yesterday to post about the finished prints, the Divine Eye AP versions, but something went wrong, it was late in the night, I lost my patience and I said to myself it was time to forget about computers and sharing thoughts and best to go to sleep…
So now I’m trying again.
Cause while I’m listening to a band called Muhr, I’m telling You we’ve finished the AP version of the divine Eye.
They’ll be called “L’occhio divino” (italians for the divine eye) and they’ll be limited to 50 pieces only.

And only 30 will be available for sale soon.

This is the ink. It was quite obvious but I guess You like comments to pics.

And this is the glitter, the gold glitter around the head of the lady.

This is from another side.

This one is closer and the one below is the final one.

We like it.
Do You like it?

Listening to Barn Owl now

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