Oh Yes!!!

I’m proud to announce we’ve a winner today and it’s the Italian people.
57% of the Country voted against nuclear power (can You imagine an atomic power station built by Mafia or Camorra?), water privatization  and legitimate impediment (it’s very used by our prime minister…).
It seems like we woke up, finally, from a long long nightmare.
Hope things will move on changing and we’ll erase these bad decades we’ve lived and we’re still living in…

We’ve finished the regular version of the Divine Eye, the print for Thomas Negovan.
And here are some shots:

Fresh color…

Strange perspective… ahahah

We’re gonna finish the AP versions tomorrow, different paper, different black, no name on them and then we’ll add an extra glitter on the aureole.
Stay tuned and You’ll see:-)

And we’re working on other crap right now, don’t worry.
And please,visit our store, we’ve our last posters on sale right now!

Listening to Boduf songs right now

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