I’m very happy today cause it seems Italians are standing to fight against the slumber that has been prompt by years of  bad government.
Lots of people is voting a referendum  against nuclear power, against water privatization and for stopping the untouchability of politicians that are ruling free from judgement (to make it simple…).
It’s good, I hope people is voting the right thing and that we’ll have the quorum to show we’re alive and fighting again. Hoping it’ll be a sign.

In the meantime we’re moving on with the “Divine Eye” print.
One color is missing, it’s a black and it’ll be done tomorrow.

Moreover, if You’re interested, we’ve our latest prints on sale on our webstore right now.
We have the Art prints of MONO european tour, 101 only.
And here below You can see some other shots of how they look like.

Then we have 30 copies of the JSBX tour poster.

And finally the Heavy in Harleem prints.

Listening to US Xmas right now

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