Printing and winning

We are the ones printing, You are the one winning.
To be clear.
While it’s still raining here (and getting way way boring… it’s more then one week that it’s raining…), Supersonic Electronic has just announced the winner of the Malleus giveaway contest.
The poster will fly to San Francisco, we’re very happy to know our work will be there.
So… drum rolls and… the winner is Lexi, from the USA.

And what’s going on in the Malleus headquarter?
We’re working at some new poster and, while waiting for some colors to arrive for finishing the Divine Eye  print (only 2 color left but we need a blue!!!), we’re doing the AP version of Mono European tour.
We’ve used a very very quality paper, it’s  a chamois color paper, the ink really works great on it.
See what I mean looking at the pics below, look at the silver:-)

There’ll be only 100 pieces of this print, and they’ll be on sale starting on the 12th of June on our website.
Together with the other posters we’ve worked on in the last period.

Anyway. You want more pics, right?

It’s coming very cool.
And it’s not finished, of course.
You’ll see probably tomorrow, details are missing!

Stay tuned

Listening to Zu, Carboniferous

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