First of all it’s a great day for our Country cause it seems people is raising their heads against the foolish government of the last decades… it took a while but the left party is coming out again… good.
Apart from this quick quick digression about italian problems, let’s go with some news.
First of all we’ll be around in July for some gigs, we’re honored to tell You that  Ufomammut has been called by  the mighty *#§r?!i& to support them for some of their gigs in Europe next July.
Who? Isn’t it clear? You always want to know the how and who of everything… please, a little patience:-)
I’ll give You more details soon!
You should be happy cause we’ll be around with Malleus too and it’ll be a great chance to meet on the road again.
Then, remember we’ll be touring all over Europe in september and october.

In the meantime we’ve finished the graphic for the Pentagram project (and we’ll unveil them soon).
And we’ve started today the poster for “The Divine Eye” of Thomas Negovan , it’ll be a very limited edition, 6 colors and You’ll see soon what we’re talking about.

First color has been a gold.

We’ll move on on it this week, so take Your eyes at our blog to see more!

Listening to a record so bad that I don’t wanna tell You anything more…
I’m hurting myself trying to arrive at the end of it…
My gosh!
But watched this movie and it was cool!

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