Heavy in Harleem

Here is a better pic of the finished poster we did for Patronaat, a venue in Holland.
They’re working on this season of gigs and they printed a wall poster first, then we’ve worked out a run of 145 pieces in handmade silkscreen.

The gigs will be Mastodon, Entombed (damn, it’s already been!), Aura Noir, Amplifier and Unsane. A great selection.

And today we’ve started the tour poster for Jon Spencer a friend coming back to Europe with the Blues Explosion.
This will be a print inspired by the ¬†Russian propaganda period, let’s see if You can see what’ll be on it!

First color is a blue and second, as You can see…, a red

Three colors left, so let’s stay tuned!

Listening to Plastic Ono Band by Lennon.
Great album

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