News and knees

I choose a nice title for this post.
The most important news is that I’m very happy cause it seems that people here in Italy have finally understood we’re ruled by totally bad people.
Our premier is loosing his hypnotic  power, it’s good.
Then my knee is getting better.
I’m sure You’ve thought “who cares?”… I heard You!

We’re printing a new poster in these days, we’re working with a venue from Haarlem (Holland) called Patronaat.
They hired us to realize the wall poster for a season of concerts named “Heavy in Harleem”.
Right now we’re printing a silkscreened version too.
First of all we’ve hand stained the paper with gold ink.
We’d like to render an idea of “old paper”.

Then we’ve started the first colors (it’s a shade from a light to a dark red)

As You can see the bands of Heavy in Harleem will be Entombed, Mastodon, Unsane, Amplifier and Aura Noir.
A good selection of Heaviness!

Here and below You can see the “dirt” effect we’ve created with the gold staining.

More coming soon!

Listening to Earth right now.

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  1. Oranje Kobold Says:

    I live in Haarlem, and love your work and Ufomammut …
    Hope you play in the Patronaat some time … its a great venue

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