It’s Sunday.
And it’s raining.
But I’m walking again and I’m very happy.
So rain doesn’t matter.
We’re happy cause we’ve finished the printing of the tour posters for MONO, great japanese band coming in Europe in the next weeks.
You can check the tour dates on their website here.
The posters will be available only during the gigs, then from the 12th of June You’ll find an AP version on our website.
We’ll keep You posted, don’t worry.

Let’s go with some pics to understand what we’re talking about:-)

Last color is a black, as You can see.


We’ve worked on the idea of this woman mixing herself with the stars, the guys wanted a legacy between human and nature, this is what we came out with.

The run of the tour version is of 353 pieces.

All numbered and signed:-)
Looking good, isn’t it?

Listening to Howling Wolf, right now

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  1. Most impressive. As usual.

  2. Greetings from Colorado! I really enjoy the process pics you post on your blog. And the new Mono European Tour poster looks awesome! Keep up the good work. Peace

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