Mono Part 2

It’s a very busy moment right now.
I’m prisoner at home with my leg bandaged, I’ve got a brand new knee!
Nope, it’s not a bionic one, like  our friend Bill at Moonset gallery suggested… I’d like to think about changing my name in UrLEE MAJORS, but it’s not possible…

We’re drawing  a lot, different stuff like posters, cd covers, book covers, logos and so on.
Everything come all in a sudden and we’ll have to stop time to be able to make everything work.

In the meantime we’re printing the Mono poster and we’re happy to show You the 2nd color today.

I hope we’ll finish them tomorrow, then it’ll be a long long numbering and signing process… they’ll be 350 pieces!
And they’ll be on sale during the tour, so check the gigs here on the Mono website 

Stay tuned!

Listening to Boduf Songs right now

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