Long time

I must admit that this period I’m a little out of the Blog.
I’m relaxing from writing and posting and we’re doing a lot of things here, so time is really not that much.
But if You miss us so much You can come tomorrow in Milano, at Magnolia.
There’ll be a SupernaturalCat night with Ufomammut, OvO, Morkobot and I.C.O. playing.
And Malleus of course.

If You don’t have time, ok, we’ll understand.
We’re planning to travel again in September/October. Europe again, so we’ll meet somewhere.

In the meantime we’ve printed the AP version of the TeePee posters and they look very cool.
It’s a run of 71 pieces and they’ll be on sale from tomorrow.
The skin of the woman is silver and not light silver brown like in the tour copies.
And here are some shots.

This last one is a little distorted…:-)

We’re working at new projects involving bands like Pentagram, Mono, Festivals and galleries, so many things to do…

See You tomorrow in Milano.
C’mon it’s the capital of fashion! Come early and we’ll go shopping together…

Listening to  Red Fang right now and their video is very cool.

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