The word “well” is not enough to explain how Roadburn festival went for us.
First of all I had a vision in France, while travelling to Holland.

No comment…
Then we had a day to relax (and forget) in Leuven, at our friends Sara and Benny home.
And I had another vision, a very interesting one, we were going to play EvE at Roadburn festival with our band Ufomammut and I saw this:

Then, finally, the day came and we met a lot of people before our show, we spent a great day in the middle of great music (I had a blast with master Musicians of Bukkake and I finally saw Rwake playing).
We’ve to thanks You all the guys and gals supporting us, both as Malleus and as Ufomammut.
It’s been great to meet You and to see how much You love us!
Vita took these pics, they’re amazing.

Lots of horns, it’s cool.
They told us a lot of people couldn’t make it to the show, there was a queue outside the Midi Theatre, the hall was full:-(
And we met a lot of friends, it’s been cool to see Al, Scott and David D’Andrea again, Walter and Jurgen, Lauren and Wino, Matte and Asgard, Rolf, Benny and Sara, and a lot of other guys, of course.

Anyway, we’re back home totally happy, we realized a poster for the show and it’s on sale right now on our website, it’s been a success at the Festival.
Check it here

Time to move on with a lot of works now.
Today we’ve realized another color on the Asymmetry Festival
It’s coming out really cool.

3 colours left, we’ll try to make it all tomorrow, we need to ship it pronto!

Listening to Farwest Zombee right now.

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