UFO pt. 2

A quick post to update Your curiosity about the Ufomammut’s poster we’re printing in these days.
As You know it’ll be for the gig on saturday (yes, this saturday coming!) in Tilburg, at Midi Theatre during the Roadburn Festival.
We plan to finish the posters tomorrow, then we’ll have all ready to leave Town on thursday and drive all day long to Leuven.
Poor Poia, he’ll have to drive all the road to Belgium, I’m broken and I cannot move my leg quickly to drive… old guy falling to pieces.
Before showing You the new pics I’d like to tell You that tomorrow we’ll ship all the posters You’ve bought in the last days and also the limited edition of “Cor Cordium” the new Supernatural Cat release.
The vinyl + cd + dvd edition looks awesome!
I’ll try to post You some pics tomorrow.

Let’s go with the poster now.

Second color is silver.

And then we worked on a metallic brown.
Poia worked on the films a little more to make everything perfect.

Like a sea of …

It’s keeping alive!

And now only 2 colors to have it done: red and black.

skulls and some films.
I’m nice and I want to show  You our EvE.

It’s all for today.

Listening again to Rwake. I know, I’m a little bit repetitive.
But today I listened to something else.

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    chi chi mammut

  2. woah, this last ufomammut poster is looking totally rad.
    I really hope people in holland leave me one to buy!

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