Ufo part 1

Our studio is a sort of war field in these days.
We’re doing really a lot of things and all the space is filled with records (we’re putting together the limited edition of “Cor Cordium”, the brand new album of OvO, then the Ufomammut vinyls and cds are here again and they’re everywhere…), tees drying covering half of the studio, then we’re printing Asymmetry festival posters and the Ufomammut one for Roadburn festival.
And sketches, inks, squeeges, pencils… everything is everywhere.
I think the new Ufomammut poster will be a very cool way of celebrate Eve.
Here are some shots of the first color.
It’s a light gold.
Posters are on cream paper.
It’ll be a 5 colors print, so stay tuned cause more will come soon.

This is the print.
As You can imagine there’ll be Eve on it.

And the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

Hairs and inscriptions.

All in one single print.
Isn’t incredible?

Listening to “Wolverine Blues” of Entombed

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