Exactly a week to our day at Roadburn.
We’ll be there with Ufomammut and also with Malleus.
It’ll be cool, looking forward to see some of my favourite bands playing and, fortunately, they’ll be the same day we’ll be there: Rwake and Master Musicians of Bukkake.
Happy about Pharaoh Overlord too.
It’ll be a cool day.
And of course, we’re working on a poster for Ufomammut.
Here below You can see some shots of the films.
There’ll be EvE, there’ll be an angel, there’ll be snakes… there’ll be a lot of details… it’ll be a very very interesting poster.

Today we’re starting the printing process, first screen is already up

In the meantime, here are the brand new tees we’ve done for Ufomammut.
They’ll be available at the Festival and they looks cool.
They’re a typical example of italian fashion, I’m pretty sure You’ll love to wear this tee with Your favourite Cavalli hotpants and cowboy boots…
And incredible thing… we’ve also worked on some girlie sizes!

Finally, just to show You how many things we’re doing at the same time…
We’re also printing the poster for the Asymmetry festival.
2 colors are already on paper. Black paper, of course;-)

It’s looking cool, isn’t it?
Now let’s work on Ufomammut, then we’ll be back on this one.
And a lot of other posters will come very soon.

Gotta go now, I’ve a lot to write but with my broken knee everything is like in slow motion, so it’ll take time to reach the studio…
Feeling like I’m the grandfather of my grandfather…

Perfect silence right now

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    Ufo FUCKIN Mammut !

  2. Hell Yeah!

    PS: !!

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