While our Country is getting back to the past (day by day it seems we’re moving to fascism again… ruled by a dwarf surrounded by slaves, we’re sinking into a television dictatorship based on ignorance and prostitution), we’re preparing our bags to leave it again very soon.
Next week we’ll be in Benelux (cause we’ll be in Belgium and in Holland) and we’ll be at Roadburn festival on saturday 16th of april.
Feeling totally excited, we’re gonna close the night at the midi theatre with Ufomammut, it’s great. Looking forward to be there.
We’ll meet a lot of friends and we’ll hang out with a lot of people.
This year our friend David D’Andrea relized the poster serie for the festival.
It’ll be great to meet him here in Europe.

Anyway, we’ve some other silly shots from the last tour in Germany.

First of all, let’s start with the best cd I ever found.
Can You notice the resemblance of Bata Illic with Mick Jagger?

Then Polizei… they’re becoming a persecution… stopped twice in Germany and one in Austria…
Maybe cause we’re listening to illegal music on the radio… and what a name for the radio (ask to any italians to translate the station for You…)

Or maybe cause we’ve killed the gas station…

And what to say about food?
Since when Pizza is “pizzen”?
I knew the infamous “pòzza”, but pizzen is weird…

And what about a water called “ground” (Terra)?

Anyway, as You can see people were waiting for us!

Now, back to work.
We’re preparing the screens to print new Ufomammut’s tees, the Asymmetry festival and Teepee AP silkscreens.
Then a supercool poster for Ufomammut at Roadburn and a bunch of covers…
In the meantime we’re waxing the packages of the ltd edition of OvO.
Looking rad!

By the way, preorder is still open and considering they’re only 300 pieces (100 in red vinyl and 200 in black), better to hurry if You want the red ones!!!

Just watched a great movie: gelatin silver, love

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