I’m pretty sure some of You spent the last week crying.
Thinking we’re disappeared.
But we’re not. We’re back!
And while You were crying we met a lot of people on the road and we had a great time.
We rock Germany and Austria and have a lot of fun.
Well, I got my broken knee hurting again, just to remind me I’m getting old… but apart from this thing (it’s nice to play Peg leg Pete sometimes… I was really BAD)… everything was cool.
Thanks a lot to all of You for coming at the Ufomammut shows, thanks to Sons of Otis for being so cool, thanks to Beth and Matte of SOL, to Horst and to all the others showing up and sharing a lot of time with us.

About the tour, now.
There’s a strange air in Germany and we had some problems with our faces, first.

But, as You can see, smiles are always on our faces.
Then we had several transformations during the tour,  and they affected Sons of Otis too.
They were sudden changes, very very strange…

Fortunately we met “Super Lemmy” and the god  helped us in feeling good and normal again.

Well, okay… not a big difference. I heard You!

Ciccio got an organ raising on his head, tough.
It’s been the consequence of the bite of the terrible bat You’ll see in the pic below.
Look at it carefully, You’ll see there’s something wrong with it…

Sorry, but I was impressed

Ok, apart from Police stopping us every 5 minutes, it’s been really great.
Now we’re back  and ready to leave again for Roadburn in 10 days.
In the meantime lots of new works are coming: Mono, Pentagram, Asymmetry, Divine Eye, Ufomammut (?) and many many more to be announced.
And OvO are on the cover of one of the most important music mags here in Italy: Rumore.
We did the design, obviously;-)

Listening to I Love Radio Rock OST right now

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