Trip is the right word, I think, to explain this period.
We’re living quite fast doing a lot of things and it seems we don’t have time to stop.
It’s cool, expecially when You like what You do, but it’s quite stressful too.
We’re preparing for a week on the road with Malleus and Ufomammut.
We’ll be in Germany from the 24th of March to the 31st.
You can check the shows on our website.
Then once back, in 2 weeks we’ll be at Roadburn festival in Holland.
Then other shows here in Italy and, in between, we’ve tons of posters/illustrations and covers to do.
I’m trying to clone me, I’d need a sosia.
Maybe he could be useful to go out and do all the dirty jobs…
Not a bad idea…

Yesterday we’ve been in Ravenna at Bronson and we really enjoyed the night, it was a supernaturalcat night with all the bands of the roster and, even if there were not a ton of people, I must say they were the right ones:-)
We enjoyed the show.
A lot.
It was really warm, I thought there was someone behind me trying to iron my shirt (the one I was wearing…) while I was playing… :-)

We’re finishing another poster.
Another one, it’s for the Tee Pee records european tour, it’ll be available at the shows of the tour (You can check them here).
We’re finishing the copies for the tour, then we’ll realize a very limited AP serie with some color differences.

It’ll be a 3 colors poster.
The first 2 are already on paper and they’re a shade.
We’re totally happy about the new red we’re using, it’s totally cool.

And the bands on tour will be The Atomic Bitchwax, Quest for fire, Mirror Queen and Naam.

The run will be about 150 pieces, more details coming soon, don’t worry!

Listening to Barn Owl right now.

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  1. ieri sera sono andata al concerto dei Kyuss ma il vostro poster non c’era !!!!non vedendo il poster esposto nel banco del merchandise dei Kyuss , ho chiesto ai ragazzi che lo gestivano se avevano il poster ma nessuno ha saputo dirmi nulla.
    io volevo tanto diventare madre del mio sesto Malleus,è stata molto molto dura tornare a casa a mani vuote

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