It’s a really bad moment.
It’s quite difficult to write things in a language that is not mine, You know, we’re Italians, so our mother tongue is not english.
I know what You’re thinking about now… I know everybody reading is thinking “bunga bunga”.
And this makes me sad, cause we’re celebrating the 150 years of the unification of Italy in a period in which I can notice how deep our Country is sinking down… controlled by the worst people we could even imagine, always in a sort of mental coma, we’re becoming a joke for a lot of people, laughing at what we show to the rest of the World.
And I cannot say anything, cause the times of culture seem to be ended here.
I look at the Japanese people in these days, I can see their strength in fighting against something that is impossible to handle and they look incredible, I feel so much respect and love for their culture I cannot express with words.
And we’re celebrating here, like blind people, a unification that doesn’t link us at all, at the end.
Damn, it’s like we’re getting back into past, we’re moving on the reverse, not looking at the future, but at the past…

Ok, stop boring You.
Just toast to Italy if You want and cross fingers with us for a change in this fading Country.

We’ll be on tour in Europe next week, we’ll have some gigs with our band Ufomammut and it’ll be nice to go out of our borders for some days, we’ll meet people from the north and it’ll be cool.
Fresh air.
In the meantime we’re finishing a lot of works and we’re printing like hell.
We’ve just realized the new Supernatural Cat tees for the gig of Ufomammut/OvO/Morkobot and ICO in Ravenna this sunday.
C’mon, let take a plane and come to invade us.
We’ll be at a very cool venue called Bronson, check the flyer below.

It’ll be surely a great night to spend together and we’ll have some very nice stuff ready for You:
The new tees

Do You like it?
Ok, let’s take a plane, we’ll do a little discount for sure if You’ll show us Your ticket.
We’re very nice guys and being totally frightened by flying I could even be so nice to give it a tee as a present.
But please, don’t use You personal jet to come to Ravenna, or any helicopter.

Then we’ll have the OvO prints cause the guys will present their brand new album “Cor Cordium” coming out April 18th 2011.

Nice, Uh?

Then there’ll be the last Malleus posters (by the way, the Black Keys one will be back on our store once we’ll be back from the road, we want to have copies for our friends on tour, so check around for our resellers in the next days, they’ll have some).
So, a lot of good reasons to come and say hi.

Listening to Chili Cold Blood right now

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  1. Rest easy, as long as people like you keep the flame of art burning, there is hope for Italy as a source of beauty.

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