The Black Keys in Paris

Finally the day has come (and probably it has already gone, it’s quite late) and the Black Keys are in Paris, playing.
So the poster we did for them will be on sale tonight and from tomorrow morning on our webstore.
Just follow the link on our website, on this page, where You read “COMING SOON” now.
Or go directly to our webstore, maybe it’s easiest.

Here’s a pic of the poster, just to refresh Your mind:

It’s a 3 colors poster on black heavy paper, limited edition of 147 pieces.

By the way, it’s been great to work with the Black Keys (thanks a lot Fielding!), we’re on their facebook page right now;-)
And there’s also  a  column for the CBS radio in the USA websites called “The Screen Scene” and the first post is about this poster.

We like the Black Keys a lot, we love the design of this poster and we’re  totally happy about the reaction of people about it!
Thanks a lot

Watched “The Chaser” (Chugyeogja) and it was totally cool!

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  1. just got back from the concert at the olympia hall (great show!), bought a poster
    it’s a fine piece of art, the print is fantastic and it’s gonna look great in our living room
    thanks & keep uo the good work!

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