Waking up with the news of today has not been great at all.
I feel so bad about what happened in Japan, feeling close to our friends there.
It’s difficult to write about crap like posters and such, now.

We’ve printed another color of the Kyuss poster today.

Then we’ve framed our fourth painting of this 2011, the siren one.

It’s a good one, about cm 180 x 80.
Then we’ve prepared the films for the TeePee tour poster and we’ve Asymmetry festival silkscreen coming soon.
A lot to do and not a lot of words today.
I’ll try to be better tomorrow and I’ll post some better pics of the Back Keys poster!

Prepare yourself cause tomorrow the preorder of “Cor Cordium”, the new OvO album will start on supernatural cat website!

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  1. Hendriss Says:

    Ma siete voi gli ovo? Sotto mentite spoglie! Buffoni :D

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