Printing and packing

There’s a real mess in these days in the studio.
We’re printing, packing, folding, shipping, drawing, painting and so many things I don’t even got the time to post everything on this poor blog.
I’ll try to start telling You we’ve started the Kyuss Lives! print.
The first color is a nice silver metallic ink.
And here are some shots.

I’ll tell You more about this poster with the second color, let’s say it’d be  the second of a “serie” of images.

Then, we’re totally happy to announce You that starting from this saturday, the long awaited limited edition of “Cor Cordium” by OvO will be available for preorder.
Where? Clicking on, of course.
It’ll be a super deluxe packaging, including 180 gr red vinyl, cd, dvd, handprinted poster, handprinted booklet all closed into another handprinted envelope.
And there’ll be only 300 pieces.
Look here below for some images

It’s all for now.

Listening to Leonard Cohen right now.

3 Responses to “Printing and packing”

  1. Great post! What kind of clamps are those and where can I get some? I’m just starting out.

    • This is a manual printing table, nothing special.
      I guess You can find something like this everywhere, depending on where You live :-)

      • Right, I’ve looked, but most sites are only concerned with selling you setups for printing tees. Can you perhaps mention the brand? That would help a lot.

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