Habemus Cameram

I’m happy to announce that I’ve fired my cat.
I’ve been brave enough.
Now she’s sleeping, like always, but I’m pretty sure she’s totally shocked by the news.
Finally I found a good camera, I was looking for a very good one, at the end I’ve gone for a Canon and I must say it works very well.
You’ll see in the next days.
And I’ve already taken some shots of our brand new and just finished painting called “Phoenix”.

Phoenix is a nice acrylic on canvas piece, cm 100 x 120.
You can see the entire painitng process here, on our Béhance page.

We’re finishing the other one too, the “Siren” painting, it’s already framed, but I’ll post some pics tomorrow.
In the meantime, here are some more pics of the OvO posters we’re working at.

Tomorrow we’ll start the second one, the woman exploding.
Then inscription will be done together.
Next one will be the Kyuss lives! poster.
Then we’ll be touring europe for a week.
But I’ll tell You more soon.

Now I gotta go to wake up my cat, I think it’d be fair enough to learn her to use this new camera.

Listening to Grails right now.

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