Some more OvO

OvO, as You’ll have noticed with Your own eyes is a palindrome name, a word readable back and forward.
Like the famous square inscription “Sator arepo tenet opera rotas”.
Just to show You a little of my immense knowledge…

Here are some shots of the first of the 2 very very limited edition posters we’re printing for the upcoming album of OvO “Cor Cordium”.
They’ll be available at the Supernatural Cat night in Ravenna on the 20th of March and they’ll be ONLY 80 pieces each one.

By the way, I’ve read people complaining for the bad quality of the pics on this blog.
I’m totally sorry but You’ll understand that I cannot tell my cat to stop it with photography cause she’s not good enough.
She’d surely enter a bad period with nervous breakdown consequencies and such.
So, please, forgive her and support my cat, she’s a nice one with trembling little legs.

Now it’s time for a second color.

Listening to Bobby Beausoleil – Lucifer Rising OST

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