The Black Keys

We’ve finished the poster and we’re numbering them.
157 pieces. 3 colors on black paper.
I’m talking about the brand new poster for the Black Keys, for their show in Paris.
First of all we want to thanks our friend Coralie for her incredible effort and patience (expecially patience…) in helping us with french language.
We’ve have a french poster, she translated the  text:-)

We’ve printed the 3rd color and it’s a dark silver.

It’s french!!! C’est bon. C’est la vie. Oui. C’est moi. Pardon.

We tried to keep the poster dark, to make the key coming out really a lot.
And we’re happy with the final result.
The red itself is very strange, it’s mixed with a iridescent blue and it’s a sort of metallic red.

I’m sorry I’m worst then my cat to take pics…

It’s all for now, hope You’ll like it.
And signed and numbered will look like this:

50 copies will be on sale during the show in Paris.
Then on our webstore after the show.
And now it’s time for OvO!

Listening t nothing right now… time to turn on the music…

2 Responses to “The Black Keys”

  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

  2. Coralie Says:

    It’s wonderfull!
    But you know… “IN” is not so french…
    That’s exactly what makes this poster even more unique! (and fun!)
    I love it!

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