More keys

Another color today.
It’s a iridescent gold.
I don’t know exactly how to describe it, let’s say that it’s not a common gold ink, it changes its basic tint when You move the paper.
Not clear, I suppose…
What I mean is that if You’ll take the poster and You’ll move it like a flag, but very very slowly (don’t ruin it!), You’ll see the gold changing in the light.
It won’t become red, c’mon! Don’t always overdo! I mean, it’ll change in a range of gold tints…
Ok, if it’s a big problem, just buy the poster once ready and You’ll have all the time You’ll need to look at it closer.

Second color is done.
And the poster is taking a good looking shape.

First of all take a look at our studio.
It’s really a great pleasure to work in it.
A lot of space.
We’ve even taken a skateboard to move in it.
We’re smashing our back, but it’s cool…

This is the name of the band.
We never link a name to the poster too much.
But this time it’s came so naturally, the image entered our brains and we had a vision.
We needed to put it on paper.
And this is what we saw:

You can see 2 things in this poster.

A woman in the dark…

… or a gold key.

One color and it’ll be done.
Stay tuned cause we’ll be back tomorrow

Listening to Neurosis right now

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