Sirens on sunday

We’ve spent a sunday creating a siren.
This a good starting for a post, isn’t it?
It’s been a strange day, started with the sun, then the wind, the rain, real cold and snow…
This was just to fill the post with words…
Ok, ok.
Let’s see the siren.
As You know, we’re working on paintings since a few months and one of these is a siren.
It’s based on the drawing we silkscreened on the MEI 2010 poster, just a little bigger…
The human part was already done.
Today we took care of tentacles.

We put the films together first.

And we checked them on the canvas.

We printed the first part.

Then the other part.

The final result was good, but some little touches had to be done.

First of all the line to divide the 2 parts of the paint, body and tentacles

Then little details here and there.
This pic is great, by the way.
My cat is getting an amazing photographer.

HEY! Are You looking at me?
Don’t You like this paint?

C’mon, look at it closer.
It’s getting very very nice.

Now we need to fill the bottom part, then put it on a frame and it’ll be done.

And tomorrow: The Black Keys!

Watched Fargo again yesterday. Yeah.
Yeah. Very very cool. Yeah.
And lots of Yeah!

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