Today we’ve spent all the day numbering, counting and looking at the Swans poster.
By the way, this is the jpeg of it

We used this to check colours and so on.
Remember, the poster will be available after the show, so on the 3rd of March.
Not so far.

And while preparing the screens for the next poster (The Black Keys) we’re gonna print next week for their show in Paris (and thanks a lot to Coralie, cause she translated our bad english in a good french… You’ll see on the poster!)… we’ve spent the day in folding the 300 covers of the upcoming limited edition of the new OvO record “Cor Cordium”, coming April 2011 via our label Supernatural Cat.
Check what we’ve been able to do, thanks to the incredible technology we’re able to handle (I’m referring to the top notch video here below!):

It’s moving!
I’ll live forever prisoner of this action.
My soul has been taken and jailed in an animated gif… damn, I feel already tired…

But the result is looking gorgeous!
And the power of Mètal (the very ignorant mètal, not the trash metal for example, to be clear…) is reigning in our studio!

Horns up to OvO!

Listening to Hank III
Call it Country, I call it mètal too.

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