I know, I know.
You were surely thinking we’re disappeared.
The problem is that to be a super-hero (and You’ve seen our secret identity some posts ago) need time to practice.
Being Super Coccinell, Flower Power and Ultracake is not easy.

Ok, sorry, I was just lazy and no way to write on the blog in the last days.
I heard You crying and so I’m here, back for You.

I’ve taken some pics in the last days.
A few more of the OvO poster for the limited edition version of their upcoming CorCordium.

Then we’re ready to print the Black Keys poster.
Some shots of the films.

So, the design of the poster is clear, right?

Before printing this one we’re realizing the one for the Swans in LA on the 2nd of March.
We’ve worked on a design inspired by the Secession title pages for booklets and Ver Sacrum of the very end of 1800, so we worked on making the paper old and stained to give the posters a real feeling of what has been.

We put gold in water and we spray the paper with a sprinkler on each sheet.
It’s been a really interesting process, every poster will be different and the final result is amazing.
It’s quite impossible to show it with a picture, cause the gold reacts to light and I’m totally unable to catch it… as You can imagine

Then we prepared the screens and we’re printing the first colour right now.
So… stay tuned!

Listening to Master Musicians of Bukkake right now

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    some pictures I can tell the cat took

  2. So, you’re speaking french?

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