It has rained all day long.
Wind and rain. A sad weather.
And it’s been the day we’ve finished to print the last things that will go into the OvO limited edition.
Now we’ve to send masters to the factory for printing vinyls and dvds and put all together.
We’re totally happy cause it’s coming out so cool!
Yesterday we had the dark silver of the posters done by Poia.

As You can notice, he looks really nice with this floral apron.

This is the result.
The next step has been printing Stefania’s drawing for the inside booklet.
Stefania is one of the 2 of OvO and she came with the idea for the record.
She saw the image of a woman opening her breast and a siren taking her heart into the clouds.
She was travelling with the band and, if I remember, she was in Denmark and she had this vision looking at the sky.
You won’t believe, but she doesn’t smoke neither she drinks :-)
I swear.

This is the first time we print someone’s else drawings!

Then, today we completed the posters with the red ink.
Lu took the squeege and  worked hard on the last part of the cover.
And the final result is totally cool!

The siren keeping the heart and…

… the woman opening her chest.

A 30 x 90 cms poster.
It’ll be folded in 3. Hope we’ll have some copies to leave unfolded too!
So, what do You think?
Is it cool or not?

Next week, when we’ll receive the covers folded, we’ll stick them all and we’ll work out a prototype.
Looking forward!

Now we’re gonna print 2 limited edition posters and OvO will be ready to hit the road loaded with a lot of great stuff;-)

In the meantime, we’re ready to silkscreen the next work: The Black Keys.
Then a lot more are coming!

Listening to Melvins “Lysol” – right now

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  1. wow! work looks amazing! absolutely leave some unfolded!! :)

  2. Wow! Poster really cool and wow(x2)! The Black Keys! I love them!

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