Smile, You’re on Tv

Finally the tv spot we’ve collaborated has been broadcasted.
It’s a Volvo ad and we worked on the Tarots that appear quite quickly in it.
It’s been a long a cool working, we did more images then the one we can see in the spot, it’s been cut and shrinked, I suppose.
We met great guys, Astrid has been great with us, looking forward to meet her the first time she’ll come by in Milano (and of course we can come to UK too…).
Anyway, thanks to all the guys involved, looking forward to see the director uncut version (by Astrid and Vaughan) and then I’ll tell You more.

Here are the Tarots we designed:

This is the back, an interpretation of the logo of Volvo, as You can see and the 4 elements.

The Labyrinth has been cut from the spot, if I’m not wrong.

This one, the future, is the the opening one.

Then the Sun…

… then the Storm.

The Snake comes and…

… the Lovers close the spot.
We realized another one, the Journey, but it’s been cut too.

It’s been cool to work on the tarots images, we’re thinking about doing a complete deck, sometimes, hopefully soon.
Just need the time to find out the time… damn it’s an Ouroboros… a snake eating itself… :-)

Enjoy the spot. Save Your money and environment.
Buy posters, not cars… (this is pure opportunism!)

7 Responses to “Smile, You’re on Tv”

  1. la carta degli amanti è meravigliosa! ♥

  2. L’avevo vista ma non ci avevo pensato! Siete troppo fighi! La Journey è stupenda, come gli Amanti, ome Snake e come Storm… ah e Future? No ok… mi piacciono tutte!

  3. congratulations on the spot! work looks awesome

  4. excellent job! I really like “the lovers”!

  5. Holy shit, yeah, the tarot cards look very awesome and congratulation to the spot!!!
    You want to get a foothold in the showbiz?
    I hope you will design a complete deck of cards!

  6. Congrats! Immense stuff, ‘the Lovers’ is my favorite. Volvo rules ;)

  7. Michaelvivi Says:

    Beautiful work. Please finish the deck if you have the opportunity. I’ll be very interested to hear if you are considering it…

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