To Do

There’s a lot to do.
Lots of things are happening around.
There’s a revolution growing.
From Egypt to Iran, from Uk to Italy (finally…), the World is on a boiling point.
It’s been so great to see the italian squares full of people protesting against Berlusconi.
I’m pretty sure nothing will happens and he’ll go on doing whatever he’ll want, but it’s good to see people is tired.
Maybe he’ll feel tired too. Together with his ring… they all decide to go and relax, take a sleep… a nice long and everlasting sleep.

There’s a lot to do, expecially now that world is sinking down.
We’re swimming in a lot of works and we’re gonna present them here, little by little.
In the next days we’ll show You (finally) the tv spot we’ve realized some illustrations for.
Then the Asymmetry festival design.
And the new posters we’re working at, little by little.

Today we’ve moved on the limited edition of OvO and we’ve started the printing process of the poster that will go in the package.
It’ll be a 30 x 90 print, 2 colors on black paper.
Check below:

It’ll take a while to be done, it’s a long printing, it’ll be a run of 300 pieces and we’re lazy guys.

Before I forgot, the Goblin gig was very nice, the classic songs from Suspiria and Profondo Rosso were amazing.
And here’s a better pic of the poster.

It’s on sale right now on our webstore, don’t miss it.

Have You read about the masked hero in the streets of Seattle?
He’s called “Phoenix Jones” or something like that.
Prepare Yourself cause there’s a bunch of new heroes here in Italy ready to fight criminality (wow… it’ll be an hard work today… it’s getting quite difficult to understand what’s a crime and who is the criminal today here… thanks to our prime minister…).
We have:



Supercoccinell (meaning Superladybug, but in italian sounds more and more cool!)

And then the most dangerous hero of all times.
The fearless man with flower in his eyes


Ok, I know.
I’m stupid and it’s late here…
Better go to sleep before there’ll be no turning back…

Dream with me for these heroes to fight all the villains living in the evil reign of (H)Arcore!

Watch this…

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