Profondo Rosso

It’s been an hard day.
I must admit.
We’re always in delay with things and sometimes it gets difficult.
We had some problems with screens in the last days, they were not good cleaned and we had to do works more then once…
So today, we started in printing the last color of the Goblin poster and everything started in going to the bad side… so we stopped, clean all and prepare the last screen again.
But at the end, we must say we’re very very happy of the final result.
The Goblin poster is totally rad.
Check it with Your eyes, c’mon!

The 3rd colour was a silver, we printed it in the morning.

Then we checked the film of the last colors (gold and copper metallic inks) on the paper and everything was cool.
But the nigtmare was waiting us… uuuuhhhaaaaa
You know… this is a poster for Goblin, so some tension and horror moments were obviously to come…
And as soon as we started the printing of the last colors, problems arrived.
But then, late in the afternoon, we were ready  to move on again.

A new screen and everything worked out fine.

Before …

… and after.

This old fart is me showing proudly the print.
Sorry for the out of focus pic, my cat is not learning how to take photos, she’s always trembling…

And this is the final result.
It’s good, isn’t it?

This little candy will be on sale tomorrow during the show and then from Sunday it’ll be available on our webstore.
So, prepare Yourself cause we’re talking about Goblin!

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2 Responses to “Profondo Rosso”

  1. Ragazzi siete sempre i migliori!con o senza problemi dell’ultimo minuto ,siete in grado di sfornare cose uniche,mai banali,vi ammiro sempre di più

  2. It’s not good, it’s motherfuckin’ AMAZING.

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