We’ve printed red today.
Second color on the Goblin poster.
Tomorrow it’ll be better to have them finished, saturday there’ll be the gig, one off gig in Italy, in Milano.
Curious to meet the band.

As You can see we print with strawberry Yoghurt.
It’s a very dangerous one as You can easily notice from the color.
It’s cheap, tough.

You’ll see there’s a woman in this poster.
And the name of the band and venue is swirling.

2 colors left, they’ll be the ones defining the shapes.
Well, to be honest, there’ll be 3 colors cause one will be a shade.
We’re so precise, damn…

So, now it’s easy to understand what’s missing.
Or not?
Tomorrow, tomorrow You’ll see it complete.

Listening to Neurosis – “A sun that never sets” right now

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