It’s getting quite hectic here.
In these days we have begun to prepare prints and to screenprint like crazy guys.

We are proceeding with the artwork for the limited edition of  OvO and moving forward with the work for the BlackKeys, the Swans and then for the concert of this Saturday of Goblin.

We have also almost completed another painting and we’re thrilled with the result.
But let’s go little by little…

First of all, let’s see how the OvO limited edition is proceeding.
We’ve folded a prototype of how the paper envelope, the one that will contain everything, the Lp, the poster, the cd and the dvd, will look like.
And this is the result.
Please, note the paper is dark black… You know I’m not able to take pics.
And we used a print with some mistakes, so if You see something wrong, don’t worry.

And we’ve also printed one side of the panels where the dvd and cd will go.
A lot of txt on this side and the original drawings of Stefania will go to the rear.

Then, we’d like to show You the Phoenix painting.
It’s a cm 100 x 150 piece.
Acrylic colors on canvas

Finally, let’s show You the first color on the Goblin posters.
We’re really excited to see how this poster will look like at the end, we’re very happy with it and it’ll be the first print of this 2011.

As You can see, Lu has an incredible power, she prints with her soul.
It comes out of her body helping her in the creation of poster art…

And as You can notice, she has 3 hands…

Tomorrow we’ll go on printing, so, be prepare for more.
In the meantime, if You want to know more about the old man we’re trying to chase away… just go here.

Listening to Goblin right now

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