While colouring and preparing films for the Goblin poster, finishing illustration, creating posters, waiting for a reply from the Black Keys and so on, we’ve relaxed a little taking our time for moving on with the Siren painting.
It’s a huge one and it’ll take a little time to be finished.
One of the main reason now is that we’ll have to wait for using the big screens to print the tentacles.
Let me explain… we’ve only 2 screens, big ones, we rather use them, so we’ve never thought about buying more.
Obviously, in these days they’re the most requested ones…:-)
We’ve to print the OvO posters for the limited edition, then we’ll need them for Goblin print and last but not least, we’ll need them for finishing this painting…
So, little by little we’ll do all.

So, let’s go on with the pics.

On the floor, just finished the second round of colors on the tentacles…

Then a lighter metallic blue/silver on the bottom part of the canvas.

As You can see it looks good.

Screen is ready for the upper part.

Film is good, so we can put the screen on the printing table and go

And it’s done.

Looking good

Very good.
More to come

Listening to the God Machine – “Scenes from the second storey” right now.
What an incredible album!

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