It’s February.
Not kidding. It’s really another month. January is over.
Hope this will be the month we’ll see our Country changing.
I see what’s happening in Egypt and I feel we’re really old here in Italy.
But it’s February and we hope we’ll arise like a phoenix.
And by the way, the painting is growing fast.
What painting?
The one of the phoenix.
Check here below:

It’s coming out very good too.
A lot to do before it’ll be finished, but we’re starting in feeling very good about it.
In the meantime we’re going on doing the other one too, little by little.
We’ve added the skin color:

And we should have the ink for Goblin finished by tomorrow.
This is how it’s looking like, today:

And we’ve films ready for the limited edition of OvO too… it seems a lot of work is coming!

Laughed a lot with “Due date”…

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