Hey tonight!

Hey tonight!
Gonna be tonight… we’ll be in Firenze, here in Italy, Land of the dwarf dictator.
We’re gonna play with Ufomammut, Morkobot and ICO and have an exhibition at Flog, great great venue.
In the meantime I’ll post some pics of what we’re doing in these days here in the studio, some posters, painting, illustration, tees… every kind of printable stuff.
Next week we’ll also start the printing process of the OvO  new record limited edition (Cor Cordium, featuring LP, cd and dvd and only 300 copies!) and then Goblin, The Black Keys, Swans, OvO posters and so on…
Well, obviously, if we’ll survive…

These are pics from the inking of Goblin poster for their gig in February in Milano.
Here below, little by little, we’re going on with the Phoenix print.

Gotta run now, Firenze is waiting!

Listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival

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