OvO tees

While we’re inking and preparing to the Supernatural Cat night in Firenze, this saturday (with Malleus, but expecially with music by I.C.O., Morkobot and Ufomammut), we’ve printed the brand new official t-shirts of OvO.
By the way:

Ok, back to the tees…
Sorry, I’m easy to distraction.
What I was saying?
Oh yes!
While our Country is sinking every day more in a deep mud situation, with filthy people (well… they should be politicians…) trying to  persuade us that prostitution is a very nice thing, a normal way of living to earn money (in this case from flabby obscene people…), as You can start in reading here, …, we’re trying to forget these things, working a lot on several things.
I was saying, we printed OvO tees.
We had a special guest to print the tees.
The drummer of Ufomammut (Vita) printed them.
It’s been cool, as You can see from the pics below!

And here we go with another preview from the cover of “Cor Cordium” the new album from OvO coming in April.

I think it’s enough for today, we inked and painted and worked on illustrations and then we clapped Vita for his bravura passage in printing the tees.
They look very cool, isn’t it?

Listening to Sleep right now

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