There’s a lot of ink flowing in these days in our studio.
Really a lot.
After the massive use of pencils done in the last weeks, now it’s time to ink everything.
Moreover we’re putting a lot of colours on canvases and in the next days we’ll start the silkscreening of posters.
There’ll be OvO, then Goblin, Then The Black Keys, The Swans and many more.
So, just prepare Your eyes for new stuff coming soon.
First off all let’s take a look at the Phoenix painting.
It’s moving on, little by little.

Then, just for remember, we’ve received the promo copies and the digipack cds of “Cor Cordium” by OvO, our next band on SupernaturalCat.
Here’s a small preview:

And tomorrow we’ll print the tees we’ve designed for the band:

I know, I know… a lot of things all together.
Let’s go back to ink.
Here we go with some pics.
First of all a nice illustration for a book cover:

Then Goblin:

Then we have 2 pics from Asymmetry festival:

And a preview of The Black Keys.
It’s pencil, not ink… damn

As You can see a lot of stuff is coming from Your favourite italian trio.
Stay tuned!!!

Listening to Earth right now


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