Sorry for the post we did yesterday.
I know that for some of You it’s probably been a shock… well, think about us that are subjected to such people since about 15 years…
We’ve got a cool confirmation today, we’re gonna work on the poster for GOBLIN for their gig in Milan on the 12th of February.
It’ll be the only gig they’ll play in Italy and it’s great to work on one of the best bands we’ve ever got in Italy.
The pencils are ready, we’ll go on inking in the next days and we’re sure it’ll be an amazing poster and expecially show.
Here’s a detail, let’s think about it (and please, stop seeing dirty things on our drawings and stuff…)

Then we’re moving on with The Black keys poster and with the Tee Pee records european one.
More coming soon with other news and of course with OvO new record design that is growing day by day.
We’re gonna work on a limited edition for “Cor Cordium” their new and great album with a lot of stuff in it (poster, cards, LP, cd and dvd!) and it’ll be all handprinted.
Moreover there’ll be a couple of posters for them. Why a couple?
Just wait to see the cover art and You’ll understand.

And we’re painting every day more, today we’ve started the colouring of a new one and it looks cool so far.

This one will be huge too.

In the meantime the phoenix is raising more and more…

Ok, now it’s time to sleep…

Listening to Goblin right now

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