The morning started with this terrible vision.
Not wings and head but legs and penis.
We laughed a lot, so we called the Vatican and they immediately censored our blog… :-)
Then we started in working on another print, it’ll be another big one and we had to draw a circle.
Ok, we’re italians, but we’re not Giotto…
By the way… I’ll seize the opportunity and I’ll explain while we write in English and not in Italian.
The main consequence is that we receive a lot of emails from italian people writing us in English… ok, it’s my fault.
You. Yes You. Would You understand if this was written in italian?
And You? Exactly, You with the red tee.
No, not You with the grey, the red, I said the red.
So… there are a few italians reading and  more foreigner people.
So… Don’t be angry with us, f***ing italian people.
You know we love You. No, this was not referred to You with that smile on your face, potato nose and a ridiculous asphalt like hairstyle.

Ok, back to Giotto before it’ll be too late.
Not being like him, we had to built something to make a big circle and so we worked this out:

And it was cool.
Wood, nail, electrical cable, tape and a pencil.

Then we outlined the first part on the circle.
This one is just at the beginning.
In the meantime the phoenix (the censored one, the d***head…) is growing and, fortunately, changing its shape.

More coming soon and if You’re in Torino, we’ll be at United club on saturday night with Malleus and Ufomammut.
See You there!

Watched “The Fighter” tonight. Very very cool movie!

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    ” you get more blotto with Giotto “- Lorenzo De Medici

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