Gold and copper

While the fog goes on covering our little town, hiding it from the sky, we’re proceeding on our works.
We’re moving around a big paint and little by little it’s coming out of the canvas.

it’s a phoenix, as You can see.

And I think it’ll take some time to be finished.
We’re already on another one, we’ll move on it tomorrow, we feel totally inspired.

There’re a lot of gold and copper colours right now,  we’re doing the dirty work with big brushes.
Then details will come, don’t worry.

Very good :-)

Listening to  Nurse with Wound right now

2 Responses to “Gold and copper”

  1. funishment Says:

    3rd picture looks like spread legs and a penis.

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    hope you’re using oil otherwise Giorgione will be rolling in his grave

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